Charge your EV at our Clubs!

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise and we have installed a number of EV charging stations. At Woden, you’ll find five charging points while Tuggeranong has four charging points in the undercover car park. You’ll also find one charging point at the Yacht Club, in the main carpark. The Yacht Club was the first CSCC venue to have a charging station, installed during our 2021 upgrades. We now have 10 charging stations across our Clubs, with plans to install more in the future. Chargers are simple to use and cost $0.40 per kilowatt hour. If you have any questions about EV charging, speak to our Reception team at each of the participating venues.

Ian Mackay, the CEO of Canberra Southern Cross Club, charges his electric vehicle (EV) at the charging stations conveniently located throughout our clubs.

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