The Eagles Tribute – Heart of the Matter

Saturday 2 March, Woden

The Heart of The Matter is a brilliant show featuring five of Australia’s most accomplished singers and musicians paying tribute to The Eagles, along with a special tribute to the “voice of Hotel California”, Don Henley.

Paul McGovern developed a love for Don Henley’s music and was born to sing these songs, possessing a voice with an identical range and a slight huskiness akin to Henley’s, lending a feel of authenticity to his delivery.

With a brilliant band featuring Cameron Lees, Glenn Magson, Jerry Ico and Rob Turner, this show is world class.

Follow Don’s journey from small town Texas, and his early exposure to country music and rock and roll, through the heady days of the 1970s as a founding member of The Eagles, to the respected and mature artist that he is today.

It could be said that Don Henley’s songs always get to “The Heart of the Matter”.

Dinner and Show
Make a night of it and enjoy a two course meal in a private dining area before the show with our ‘Dinner and Show’ ticket offer. Dinner commences from 6pm.

Saturday 2 March, Woden

Dinner and Show 6pm  $62.65
Show only 8pm  $27.65

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