On the Spectrum Live – FREE Event

8pm Thursday 27 February, Woden

Dougal Austin and Jeremy Samson present On The Spectrum Live, a 90 minute panel discussion/presentation show, including a range of topics regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder and creating further awareness and understanding about ASD and what can be done to help parents learn more.

The panel consists of experts discussing their services and sharing their views and opinions regarding various ASD topics. In between discussions with each of the panellists, a Q&A will be offered so audience members are able to ask their own questions to the experts.

Dougal Austin, Jeremy Samson and 3 to 4 expert panel members (professionals, specialists, individuals on the spectrum).

Three Discussions, each followed by Q&A session, then live music break
Dougal and Jeremy introduce the panellist/expert and chat with them about their profession/service (Music Therapy, Social Skills, Psychology, OT, Speech Pathology, etc) in relation to ASD.

ASD News of Week – Dougal and Jeremy will discuss several ASD News of Week topics or articles and invite each panellist for their opinions


Thursday 27 February, Woden

Come in to Reception at Woden or call on 6283 7200 to book your spot.

Ticketed Events Cancellation Policy

If a booking is cancelled 15 business days prior to the event date, we will provide a full refund. If a booking is cancelled 5-14 business days prior to the event, we will provide you with a credit voucher to the value of your tickets – redeemable for food and beverage at any of our venues, or boat hire charter tickets. If a booking is cancelled 4 business days or less prior to your booking date, you will not be refunded, nor receive a credit voucher.
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