Nutrition for Menopause – Healthy Eating Clinic Online Workshop

7.30pm Monday 1 February

In partnership with the Canberra Southern Cross Club and Stellar Canberra, the Healthy Eating Clinic presents monthly nutrition workshops.

Oestrogen is a complex hormone which affects a huge variety of processes in the body, particularly around metabolism. There is a considerable amount of research to suggest that as we go through menopause and our oestrogen drops off, weight increases and we get more body fat, particularly around our abdomen.

Don’t fret, as there are ways to manage it. Registered Nutritionist Kate Freeman will walk you through some dietary changes you can make, and probably share a joke or two about how ‘fun’ it is to be a woman sometimes!

Please note, this is a webinar and it will be conducted online via Zoom. The setup is simple and the video will only be one-sided, meaning you can watch the session in your PJs. We hope you can join us!

The Healthy Eating Clinic

The Healthy Eating Clinic is passionate about helping you maximise your health and wellbeing. Each month they’ll deliver a dynamic, interactive and professional workshop covering a wide range of nutrition topics.


Canberra Southern Cross Club members can register for free using the code CSCCNutrition at checkout. Non-members pay $20.


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