How to Avoid the 3pm Slump

7.30pm Monday 6 December

In partnership with the Canberra Southern Cross Club and Stellar Canberra, the Healthy Eating Clinic presents monthly nutrition workshops.

Registered Nutritionist Kate Freeman will discuss how to fuel your body to make it through the afternoon and avoid the 3pm munchies.

If you find you’re flagging in energy mid-afternoon, or you’re hunting around for a snack, you’ve probably suffering from 3:30itis. Luckily, this condition is easily treated with a few tweaks to food, fluid and movement. You can even use food and nutrition to improve your overall work performance and feel better by the end of the workday.

But what do I eat to do this? What to eat is one of the most confusing questions in our model food supply. Never have we had more choice, more information and felt more confused.

Join Registered Nutritionist, Kate Freeman, in a 1 hour workshop, exploring the key food hacks that can get you through the afternoon and performing at your best. Kate will cover:

  • How your lunch can fuel your afternoon better
  • What snacks to reach for to truly boost your energy
  • How to tell a helpful from an unhelpful snack
  • How to use fluid to boost your performance!

The Healthy Eating Clinic

The Healthy Eating Clinic is passionate about helping you maximise your health and wellbeing. Each month they’ll deliver a dynamic, interactive and professional workshop covering a wide range of nutrition topics.


Canberra Southern Cross Club members can register for free at checkout.
Non-members pay $20.