New Kids Menu Launching at Canberra Southern Cross Club Tuggeranong

Media Release

With the happiness and wellbeing of their members’ children never far from their heart, the nonprofit Community organisation Canberra Southern Cross Club, recently announced they have redesigned their kids menu to include healthier choices. Members couldn’t be more pleased.

Experts and researchers agree that the earlier healthier eating habits that can be established in children, the better and the more likely they are to keep these standards later in life.  Building on this knowledge, the Canberra Southern Cross Club, The Healthy Eating Hub and Tanya Lawlis from the University of Canberra recently collaborated on a study to discover what ACT parents were looking for in a healthier kids menu.

Canberra Southern Cross Club Executive Chef Anurag Gautam, along with Nutritionist Kate Freeman of the Healthy Eating Hub have designed a new Healthier Kids Menu, based on their findings.

The menu will be offered at the Tuggeranong Southern Cross Club from Tuesday 23 May 2017.

“We all want to see happier, healthier and more active kids and our new Kids Menu is a great way to help promote this goal,” commented Chef Gautam.

“The beauty is, the food is delicious so we think kids will enjoy meals like this. The dishes are bright, colorful, interactive and most importantly, tasty.”

Kate Freeman, who lead the study, remarked, “I’m so excited the kids menu that I worked on with the Canberra Southern Cross Club is launching. I know that I can take my family out for dinner and have lots of delicious options for my kids to eat that are the perfect mix of nutrition and fun.”

The menu is designed around the idea of a “healthy treat” to make the meal fun and something to look forward to. The menu features  new items, such as “Make your own Tacos” and the “Whole Foods Tasting Plate”, healthier versions of classic favourites such as Spag Bol with our new secret beefy bolognaise sauce.

A few of the “traditional” kids items remain such as fish and chips.This is in response to the reseach revealing that parents are happy for kids to have a “treat” meal from time to time.

The new menu will be available from Tuesday 23 May, 2017 at CSCC Tuggeranong at the new, lower price of $8.90 proving that healthier meal options can also be good value.

About the Research
The research was conducted based on the responses of 855 Canberra-based parents, and found that over 80% of parents surveyed feel that it’s important that healthy options are available on a restaurant’s kids menu. 59% of respondents listed “it’s a treat” as their reason for eating out with children. 34% of respondents also indicated that flexibility for food intolerances and allergies was an important factor in a kids menu, which has been catered for in new items such as the “Make your own Tacos” or the “Whole Foods Tasting Plate”.

About the Canberra Southern Cross Club
The Canberra Southern Cross Club is a not for profit organisation which opened it’s doors in August 1972. Over the past decade the Club has contributed over $14 million to the Canberra community across a multitude of organisations. We have a proud history of providing grants in excess of the required community contribution amount. In 2017/18 we expect to provide over $1.5 million in benefits to over 350 ACT community groups.

The Canberra Southern Cross Club consists of five licensed premises – Woden, Yacht Club, Tuggeranong, Jamison and our newest venture, Southern Cross Stromlo. All venues deliver excellent dining, beverage, entertainment, conference and events facilities.