Community Rewards Spotlight: West Canberra Wanderers

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Established in 2014, West Canberra Wanderers Football Club is an independent football club with a focus on National Premier Leagues. Wanderers provides a pathway for talented players of the region to participate in the ‘best of the best’ pillar of football and offer opportunities for both male and female players, participating in local and overseas tournaments, training sessions, and support for players aged 10 and older.

Excitingly, in 2024, the club will extend these opportunities to children as young as 7, thanks to our Community Rewards Program.

West Canberra Wanderers is proud to be a part of our program, according to Steve Rohan-Jones, West Canberra Wanderers President “West Canberra Wanderers are extremely grateful and appreciative of the support of CSCC and the CSCC Community Rewards Partner Program which has had an enormous impact over the last 10 years in helping grow the Club into the success it is today”.

This partnership has empowered the football club to provide essential training, education, and positive examples for aspiring young footballers. More than just creating excellent footballers, the collaboration fosters well-rounded individuals, helping the youth in learning important life skills through the sport and bringing communities closer together.

West Canberra Wanderers has become a hub for competitive and nurturing football, focusing on developing young talent. The club’s partnership with us exemplifies the reciprocal benefits of community engagement for local sports organisations and aspiring athletes. By extending opportunities to players as young as 7, the club is making significant strides in ensuring talented individuals receive the necessary training and support to reach their full potential.

With ongoing support from initiatives like our Community Rewards Program, the West Canberra Wanderers are ready for even greater success in the future.

You can help support the West Canberra Wanderers every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate them as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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