Community Rewards Spotlight: Karinya House for Mothers and Babies

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Karinya House for Mothers and Babies is a local, community based, not-for-profit organisation servicing Canberra and surrounding regions. Established in 1997, Karinya House provides safety, shelter and a positive support network for women who are pregnant or parenting.

At Karinya House everything starts with a woman: her journey, her needs and her unique lived experience. They offer women practical support and opportunities that enable the development of confidence, a positive sense of self and personal skills. They are dedicated to providing appropriate professional services and facilities. They provide a place of sanctuary and growth for women.

As a 24-hour, seven day a week service, Karinya House is the only service of its kind, specifically for women in the region who are pregnant or parenting, offering case management services, including supported accommodation and/or outreach-based support services.

Karinya is a non-religious, non-government and non-judgemental organisation. They assure women that no matter their situation, Karinya House is there to help without influence over their decisions.  They provide support and a safe place for women to make the best possible choices for themselves and to determine their own parenting journey.

The change that some women are able to make, with support from Karinya House, is transformational and can have a positive impact on future generations.

The support from our Community Rewards Program is used to fund operating expenses – such as essential living expenses, women’s medical costs, telecommunications and motor vehicle running costs. These costs are essential to their ability to reach every woman who needs the service (upwards of 180 annually) and respond to the full set of needs they have while pregnant and parenting.

Karinya House CEO, Lavinia Tyrrel said: “We are grateful for the long-standing partnership we have with the Canberra Southern Cross Club and their commitment to the women, children and families we walk alongside. The funding we receive through the Community Rewards program helps us reach every woman, and their babies/ children, who needs our support in the ACT and surrounding region.”

We take pride in providing a platform wherein our members can choose to support Karinya House through the Community Rewards program. This choice gives the women they walk alongside a sense of hope and respect, enabling them to continue their journey to chart a path forward and build a new future for themselves and their children.

You can help support Karinya House every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate them as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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