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Communities at Work’s Galilee School is a registered, independent secondary school delivering positive learning outcomes for disengaged and vulnerable young people in years 7-12 in the ACT region for whom the mainstream schooling environment has struggled to deliver positive outcomes. They focus on inspiring these young people to realise their full potential and find a sense of purpose and developing them as worthwhile members of our community.

Tim McNevin, the Principal of Galilee School, said “Galilee School has emerged as a transformative force, offering a second chance and, for many, the best chance to reconnect with learning and find success not just within the school gates but also in life beyond.”

At Galilee School, the focus goes beyond traditional classroom education. The dedicated team of highly skilled educators, youth workers, and support staff are committed to inspiring these young minds. The school’s approach is rooted in strength-based strategies, providing tailored learning programs designed to achieve the objectives outlined in each student’s Individual Learning Plan and Positive Behavior Support Plan. They also provide training and job-ready support to increase the education and employment opportunities for students transitioning to the workforce or to further educational pathways.

What sets Galilee School apart is its special approach to education and support. The school’s staff-to-student ratio is an impressive 1:5, where in many school is 1:20, ensuring that each student receives the attention and care they need to thrive academically and emotionally. The school recognises that social and emotional needs are as important as academic ones.

The school’s model of teaching and learning requires a high level of support and requires significant financial resources. The school covers all costs associated with attending, including food, technology, transport, and learning materials, eliminating any barriers to education. To sustain this approach, Galilee School relies on the generosity of funding supporters like the Community Rewards Program, which plays a vital role in addressing the costs associated with program delivery.

Tim McNevin, the Principal of Galilee School, expresses gratitude for the support received from our Community Rewards Program. He acknowledges the club’s contribution not only as a financial benefit but also as an opportunity to share the school’s inspiring story. For the students at Galilee School, this support means more than just financial assistance—it represents a lifeline of hope and a chance for the young people to redefine their personal identities.

In McNevin’s words, “We’re not only just connecting them to school, but we’re helping them redefine their own personal identity and giving them hope for the future. For some of them, hope has disappeared, and sometimes that’s all they need—hope.”

We are happy to support the Galilee School for continuing to transform the youth and we are committed to spreading awareness about the school’s work, so that more families can be connected to the support they need, and more young people can rediscover their potential and contribute meaningfully to the community. Galilee School is living proof that education, support, and belief in each person’s potential can work wonders. It shows that with the right help, every young person can carve out their own path to success and happiness.

You can help support Galilee School every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate them as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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