Community Rewards Spotlight: Canberra Yacht Club

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Sailability Canberra Yacht Club is an inclusive sailing program offered on Lake Burley Griffin. It provides a safe and inclusive pathway for people of all abilities to experience “Freedom on the water”. Operated by a dedicated and tireless group of volunteers, the program sees participants from all different backgrounds, with different mental, social and physical needs, head out on the water using purpose built small sailing boats. It is more than a disability service, or an inclusive sport; it’s a community where everyone assists each other to meet their goals.

The Sailability program marked a significant achievement this year – its 25th anniversary as an incorporated initiative. To honour this milestone, a vibrant regatta and demonstration sail were organized on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022. Continuing the trend of success into 2022-23, the program thrived due to the dedicated efforts of its volunteers and support from partners. This support paved the way for ongoing investments in specialised equipment, which is important for enhancing the experiences of their community of sailors and support staff.

Crucial to the club’s success is the unwavering support from partners like our Community Rewards Program. Our contributions enable the club to invest in essential equipment, including new life jackets for the participants, new slings and a manual crane for those who must be hoisted into their boats, and went towards a new rescue boat.

Peter Brown the Canberra Yacht Club’s Rear Commodore of Inclusion said “We cannot express how valuable the support of the Canberra Southern Cross Club has been this year. Keeping our equipment up to date and customised to meet the ever-changing needs of our sailors requires continued careful investment, and we thank the Canberra Southern Cross Club and this Community Rewards Program for their significant contribution to our community.”

Sailability Canberra Yacht Club is all about creating an incredible sense of unity, resilience, and ensuring everyone feels completely welcomed. We hope with our ongoing support they can continue to ensure their program is making a difference in countless lives, fostering a community where everyone belongs.

You can help support the Canberra Yacht Club every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate them as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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