Community Rewards Spotlight: Bosom Buddies

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Bosom Buddies is a small local charity based in Canberra, operated entirely by dedicated volunteers. Their mission is to provide invaluable support to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer in the Canberra and surrounding New South Wales region. Bosom Buddies relies heavily on the support and generosity of the community. One significant pillar of this support comes from the Canberra Southern Cross Community Rewards program, which plays a pivotal role in helping Bosom Buddies achieve its goals.

Catherine Rider-Aichholzer, Executive Officer of Bosom Buddies said, “The Canberra Southern Cross Community Rewards makes a crucial contribution to Bosom Buddies in several ways.”

The Community Rewards program has assisted Bosom Buddies in purchasing buddy bags, packages filled with helpful items and information on post-surgery care provided to breast cancer patients in Canberra’s public and private hospitals by breast care nurses. The program also supports the charity in working out of a small room where volunteers gather for a Working Bee morning at Pearce Community Centre. They fold and label drainage bags, seat belt pillows, and pack stress ball lemons for the buddy bags. In 2022, over 800 buddy bags were assembled and given to patients’ post-surgery by the breast care nurses at public and private Canberra hospitals.

The Community Rewards support also enables Bosom Buddies to purchase wallets and Neoadjuvant bags that are provided to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy before their surgery. These bags include valuable and pertinent details about local services, a voucher to obtain a cap to address hair loss resulting from treatment, and a hand-knitted wrap crafted by their volunteers to provide comfort and warmth to patients.

“Bosom Buddies looks forward to continuing our positive and fruitful relationship with The Canberra Southern Cross Club, who continue to support us through the Community Rewards Program,” says Catherine.

You can support this important work every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate Bosom Buddies ACT as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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