Community Rewards Spotlight: ACT Down Syndrome Association

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The ACT Down Syndrome Association (ACTDSA) is dedicated to supporting individuals with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Their main goal is to improve the lives of these individuals and their families. They achieve this by providing essential support and information to families, caregivers, schools, employers, and organisations. At the same time, they work to raise awareness about the abilities and needs of people with Down syndrome through various programs, events, and activities, dispelling misconceptions and promoting understanding.

The Canberra Southern Cross Club’s Community Reward Program plays a crucial role in supporting ACTDSA. This funding helps cover essential expenses such as rent, insurance, and telephone services. Without this financial assistance, ACTDSA would be limited in its ability to effectively assist those in need.

Shannon Kolak, Chief Executive Officer of ACT Down Syndrome Association (ACTDSA)  “Without CSCC funding, we would need to fundraise just to pay our rent, insurance and telephone etc.”

Furthermore, the funding they receive is used for educational initiatives such as Science Alliance and Math for Everyday Living. These programs offer individuals with intellectual disabilities the chance to learn important science and math skills. These skills are not only academically valuable but also essential for everyday life, helping individuals become more independent.

ACTDSA’s efforts reflect a sense of community, empathy, and empowerment. By enhancing the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, they are not only improving the present but also working towards a future where acceptance, understanding, and support are easily accessible to everyone. Together, they are creating a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, is appreciated and given the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life.

You can help support the work of ACT Down Syndrome Association every time you enjoy a meal or drink with us, simply visit Reception to nominate them as your preferred Community Rewards Partner or fill in this form.

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