Club Dress Code

The Canberra Southern Cross Club has an enviable reputation for service, dress and behaviour standards. It is a quality Club of which members can be proud.

The spirit of members is a big reason why our Club is so popular. Our rules and regulations are there to reinforce that spirit and to benefit us all. That is why we have dress regulations, to meet our members’ expectations of comfort, neatness, cleanliness and appearance.

Our dress regulations are based on commonly accepted standards of dress. As fashions and standards do change over time, dress requirements are interpreted in a spirit of goodwill and common sense.

These guidelines are provided as a guide to the expected standard of dress for Members and guests when inside the dining areas of the Southern Cross Club.

Dress Standards

The overall expectation is consistent with a clean, tidy and non-offensive dress standard and can be described as neat smart casual.

The Venue Manager’s decision is final in all matters relating to dress rules.

Not Acceptable at Any Time

  • Bare Feet
  • Offensive or Provocative Clothing
  • Revealing or Insufficient Clothing
  • Soiled Clothing or Footwear
  • Motorcycle Club Colours
  • Untidy, Torn or Tattered Clothing (unless the clothing is consistent with modern fashion trends and is not provocative or offensive)

Conditionally Allowed

  • Singlets (provided the clothing is not revealing, provocative or offensive)
  • Active wear (neat tidy and clean gym attire is permitted, but we kindly ask that members shower post-workout if they plan to use the dining areas)

Southern Cross Health & Fitness Club

  • Gym shoes or runners must be worn at all times while training
  • A clean towel must be used in the gym at all times
  • Clean, neat and tidy sporting attire must be worn at all times

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