French Dinner

6.30pm Thursday 13 October | Tuggeranong

Savour the French flavours at our exquisite French Dinner on Thursday 13 October at Tuggeranong.

The French have a unique tradition of fine dining, and this night is sure to be truly memorable. There will be a live pianist on the night, to entertain you as you enjoy the fine dining experience.

French gastronomy in the Provencal “Alpes-Côte d’Azur” is very distinctive from the rest of French cuisine or French cooking. A Mediterranean influence brings recipes with hot spices and seafood. Because of the mountainous country, without the rich farmlands and herds of dairy cattle, Provencal cooking uses very little milk,and goat cheeses are prominent. Garlic, olive oil and olives are the leitmotif, and the abundant “herbes de Provence” are the spirit of Provencal cooking.


Fromage de chèvrecrute au pesto d’herbes et de soleil rougit tomate
Goat cheese crute with lavender honey, fresh herb pesto and semi dried vine ripened tomato


Thon grillé serviavec safron rouille, caperberries, tapenade d’olive et du pain croustillant
Seared tuna loin with saffron rouille, caperberries, olive tapenade and crisp bread


Pan poitrine depoulet poêlé servi avec ratatouille
Pan seared provençal chicken served with ratatouille


Carré d’agneau auxherbes de provence croûte, aubergines grillées, purée de carotte etjus rosemany
Rack of lamb with herb de provence crust, roasted eggplant, carrot puree and minted jus


Fromage Beaufort avec des craquelins, noix salées et raisins
Beaufort cheese from French alps, its origin can be traced to roman times, known as the “Prince of gruyeres”, served with crackers and salted nuts and grapes


Tarte Tropézienneservi avec des figues crème glacée
Tart Tropézienne famous dessert from St Tropez, a brioche filled with custard cream, served with fig ice cream



6.30pm Thursday 13 October
Formal Dining Room, Tuggeranong

Bookings are essential. Purchase tickets at Reception or use online ticketing link.


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